Life isn’t about doing or being anything in particular. It’s simply about just doing and being, period. It’s about taking risks; saying something that is hard to admit, giving your heart with the possibility it could break, taking spontaneous trips, doing things you’ve never done, doing things that scare you, getting on a train with no destination in mind, hopping on a plane with nothing but your hopes and dreams, applying for your dream job, admitting your flaws and then embracing them, then admitting your gifts and embracing those also. It’s about fixing mistakes. It’s about being there for others. It’s about give and take in relationships. It’s about empathy. It’s about being one amongst and alongside many. We do not live a life in isolation.Life isn’t about achieving a destiny or a title or reputation. It’s about BEING. We’re all given a life. We are all surviving, and we should be LIVING. If you’re one who feels they aren’t living, then why not? Are you finding yourself excuses, blaming the economy, media, society and/or your peers? No money? Too young? Too old? Not the right time?

— Sjana Elise

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